Monday, March 2, 2009

Sculpture 1.0 Final was released, Sculpture 2.0 begins the road

I am happy to announce that Sculpture 1.0 Final was released. It is quite similar to the beta 2.

Main changes are:

1. Eliminating the installation problems (One installation for all Sculpture components).
2. Fixing all issues about the generation of WCF & ASMX service proxy.

Some colleges will ask:

Oops that’s all what you are doing for 3 months (Since beta 2 released)??

But I can give them a short answer for now:
Actually no, we spend most of time designing the next generation of Sculpture (Sculpture 2.0) which we expect that it will be a revolution in the model driven development industry.

A lot of things come to the table that I will blog it in detail in a dedicated series.
Some Snippets:
1. Sculpture model comes with two modes, Platform independent mode and Platform specific mode.

2. New “Golden Molds” (Premium Molds):
In Data Source Layer: Database Molds supports SQL Server, MySQL, and Oracle. All these databases will support iterative experience between the model and the database without blowing your data so the development agility will be increased.

In Data Access Layer: Molds support full ORM with Entity framework and NHibernate (Mapping entity to more than one table, Mapping table to more than one entity, Conditional Mapping, Complex types, Inheritance …)

In Presentation Layer: (Which the actual revolution) Molds that support true UI Modeling, which gives you the ability to model all of your UI Components not only the CRUD ones.

3. A lot of enhancement in the designer to facilitate the modeling process.
4. Premium support will be available.

5. All existing molds and the Sculpture itself will still free and open source.

6. Migration from 1.0 to 2.0 will be totally kept in mind (so do not worry, all of your work with Sculpture 1.0 will be alive forever).

That’s a brief summary of our thoughts (till now) about sculpture 2.0 (Of course your suggestions are welcomed).

About the schedule for Sculpture 2.0 (approximately):

Sculpture 2.0 Beta at Mid of May 2009.

Sculpture 2.0 Final at Mid of June 2009.

Let’s return to Sculpture 1.0 Final ;) you can download it from here.