Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Silverlight & WPF Skins

While we develop Silverlight & WPF Molds in Sculpture we build a complete skins for them, I extracted them from the project so the users can use it directly without installing Sculpture .
  • Silverlight Skin: We migrate corrinab Skin to Silverlight 2, adding skin for the grid and combo box.
  • WPF Skin: We enhance Family Show Skin, adding skin for the new WPF grid, and new skin for the menu.

Download the whole WPF project from here.
Download the whole Silverlight project from here.


  • Installing Sculpture is not required to run the samples.
  • Just run the DBScript.sql into empty database and change the connection string.

Sculpture 1.0 Beta2 has been shipped

No new words i can write here, just watch the new screencasts and judge by your self!!

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