Friday, May 30, 2008

Model Your Life Series

I think that any isolated framework likes a person lives in distant island alone, so I plan to write a set of posts about Sculpture and other .NET Technologies.

How Sculpture as Model driven development can be used to model these technologies?

Through this series I will demonstrate my opinion about the integration points.

Planned topics:

  • Sculpture & Web Service Software Factory.
  • Sculpture & LINQ.
  • Sculpture & .NET Entity Framework.
  • Sculpture & UI.
  • Sculpture & Smart Client Software Factory.
  • Sculpture & Web Client Software Factory.
  • Sculpture & Mobile Client Software Factory.
  • Sculpture & Prism.

In the other hand I will post about alternatives code generators as:

  • Sculpture VS Repository Factory.
  • Sculpture VS Nettiers.

I hope that I have enough time to complete this series in the near future.

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