Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Silverlight & WPF Skins

While we develop Silverlight & WPF Molds in Sculpture we build a complete skins for them, I extracted them from the project so the users can use it directly without installing Sculpture .
  • Silverlight Skin: We migrate corrinab Skin to Silverlight 2, adding skin for the grid and combo box.
  • WPF Skin: We enhance Family Show Skin, adding skin for the new WPF grid, and new skin for the menu.

Download the whole WPF project from here.
Download the whole Silverlight project from here.


  • Installing Sculpture is not required to run the samples.
  • Just run the DBScript.sql into empty database and change the connection string.


rodiniz said...

Very good stuff.
A minor problem...when generating hte code to edit/create a record you should see if any of the properties is a foreign key to generate the dropdow correctly.(using the records from the other table using the descriptions and not the ids)

Ahmed Negm said...

Hi Rodiniz,
I did not get you completely, if you talk about the display member of the foreign key combo box, you can control it from the model by choosing the right display name from the entity properties, so it can any of its members.

Keith S. Safford said...

Hi Ahmed,

I installed the Sculpture1.0Beta2 and when I fired up VS2008, I received a load error on the add-in. Specifically, it was a Package Load Failure. This occurred at both my home and work location so I think something is fishy with the current install. I was bummed as I really liked your SchoolManager example and am dying to check out what your product can do.

Ahmed Negm said...

Hi Keith S. Safford,
i really does not have a reasonable reason for this abnormal behavior, may be you need to reinstall Sculpture, or install the prerequisites (VS2008 SP1, or Guidance automation extension).
if the problem still exist try Sculpture source code after installing Visual Studio 2008 SDK.

Keith S. Safford said...

Ok, I noticed part of my problem, but that created another one. I read somewhere that both SculptureDesigner.msi and SculptureExtension.msi need to be installed. However, when I went to install SculptureExtension.msi, it said I needed GuidanceAutomation??? installed. I downloaded those (GuidanceAutomationExtensions.msi and GuidanceAutomationToolkit.msi)and went to install the GuidanceAutomationExtensions but received an error there. I am running VS2008 w/SP1. What all do I need installed to be able to install Sculpture. I did read about some problems with the GuidanceAutomation??? stuff w/VS2008.
Thanks for your speedy reply Ahmed, I am bound to get this figured out.

Sandy said...

Keith - I might be able to help. I too had a problem with the Guidance Automation Extensions - but you will notice on the install page ( there are two lines as follows:

Guidance Automation Extensions (February 2008) Release for Visual Studio 2005 and Visual Studio
Guidance Automation Extensions (February 2008) Release for Visual Studio 2008 and Visual Studio 2008 Service Pack 1 Update

I misinterpreted that I only wanted the second one - as I had VSSP1 - however this is JUST a GAX PATCH - you have to install the first line - THEN the second.

Hope that helps! I too am anxious to check this Sculpture out - I think this is the COOLEST thing I've seen in a VERY long time. I hope it works as well as advertised!!

Keith said...

Hey Sandy,

Thank you, that worked! Now, after I make a couple of changes for CSLA 3.6.1, I will be Sculpturing!


bradutz01 said...

look my first silverlight theme