Saturday, June 20, 2009

Building amazing business applications using Sculpture 2.0

From our new Sculpture 2.0 video tutorials we publish the first part from the new series "Building amazing business applications using Sculpture 2.0"
the series contains:

Part 1: Model your database and data access layer.
Part 2: Model your service or business layer.
Part 3: Model you user interface layer.
Part 4: Sculpture environment capabilities.

Only the first part is available now, but we are working in the rest of parts.
Sculpture 2.0 will be released after we finish its tutorials.

Thanks for your patient.


Pensamentos existenciais said...

The domain designer and new resources are a interesting way of solving the "impedance mismatch" problem.

The storage integration appear to be very consistent and the tooling concept easy to understand.

The details window appear to be easier to use, and table columns attributes configuration is very usefull.

Great Job!!

Bj said...

Great work !

Anonymous said...

its an very very amazing tool ... Great work for faster delivery apps!

Lundvald said...

The sound on the video is VERY compressed.

+ English in not my primary language.
+ English is not the primary language of the one speaking on the video.
+ The sound is very compressed.
= Very difficult to understand.

You do put a lot of work into this, and thank you very much for that. But then its a shame that the sound is to poor.

Ahmed Negm said...


We are so sorry, we will deliver another version of part 1 soon.

But first give us your opinion about the sound in the part 2.

Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Yes. It does look much better than V1.

I also learnt that the UI module will be released as a commercial product. Does it start with V2?

PMJ said...

Where can I find the link to download the Sculpture 2.0?