Sunday, July 26, 2009

Sculpture 2.0 RC Release

Sculpture 2.0 RC is now available for download.

New Features:

· New Molds:

o CSLA Mold.

· Search Bar in the CRUD Pages.

· Some bug fixes in the rest of Molds.

New Tutorials:

In the Mini Videos section there are two new Videos:

1. Build Your CRUD in 6 minutes.

2. Build the CSLA Project Tracker library in 5 minutes.

Thank you in advance for your feedback.


Rodrigo said...

for when a SQLite mold? I bet that could be in the future a very attractive mold for you to sold. If you could post some sort of tutorial or video on how to build our custom molds....I can do the SQLite Mold myself

Ahmed Negm said...

Hay Robrigo,

MySQL, Oracle 9+, PostgreSQL, SQLite, and VistaDB.

All these database engines will be supported in the Database Mold in the near future.

Thanks for your patient.

We are working now in video tutorial on creating your custom mold and will published soon.

You can try to use the tutorial from Sculpture 1.0 on Customize Sculpture (No Audio).

Stephen said...

If you use the DAAB mold then very soon all the mentioned DB's (except VistaDB as I have not heard of that one) will be supported through that route as the EntLib Contrib project will be delivering them very soon in the next release. If you are happy to compile from source then they are already available.

Cheers... ewdev

ariel said...


Thanks a lot. The download link doesent work. Where I con dounload it.

Thanks again, Ariel