Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Building amazing business application using Sculpture 2.0 (Part 2 of 4)

The second part of our series

Part 1: Model your database and data access layer.
Part 2: Model your service or business layer.
Part 3: Model you user interface layer.
Part 4: Sculpture environment capabilities.

your feedback is greatly appropriated.


lonely7345 said...

very good.
what about the CSLA with the scupture 2.0?
what aboue the generation project architecture? could I chosse the folder of the project for the model ?
if i have different business needs ,i prefer puting in different folder to different project.

lonely7345 said...

what aboult sculpture 2.0?when it is realease?


Bj said...

Looking at the Videos The new version seems quite different from 1.0 more than an extended full featured release.

I'm very curious about UI enhancement...waiting for next videos

Some questions
- What about Oracle ?
- Bad audio quality in first video
- What about new documentation, features list","how to" and faq ?

Fabio Fernandes said...


the new sculture are more robust and appear to be stable.

I saw the multi-workspace support. It is important cause we can organize the ideas and models into different drawing areas, without quiting or generating another solution.

The fault contract support appear to be working nicely, and the CRUD attribute was placed in a intuitive way.

I will wait the next videos or the 2.0 release or all features testing. It appear to be very very interesting.

Anonymous said...

Excellent work!!! Looking forward to the 2.0 Beta and production releases. THANK YOU!

Robin Selder

Anonymous said...

when it is realease about 2.0?